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Dental Lab Pressure Pot Pneumatic Polymerizing Pot Laboratory Sterilizing Pan Dental Lab Equipment

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With a maximum recommended air pressure of 15 psi, this pressure pot will meet or exceed all your dental office or laboratory needs. Used In dental office or laboratory. Perfect for cold or heat cure acrylic resins in: relines, repairs, splints, temporaries, orthodontic appliances etc. Use to produce quality airless appliances.

Working pressure:
1.5-1.9 bar
Max. admissible working oerpressure bar:
2 bar
Testing pressure:
3.5 bar
Max. working temperature:
45 ℃


Dental Lab Equipment Features:
Dental Lab Pressure Pot features an air pressure regulator that allows you to easily monitor, adjust and set the air pressure (psi) from an air valve directly on the air regulator. This allows for greater control, accuracy, and holding time of the air pressure you require. Once set to the desired air pressure, this pressure pot will maintain that air pressure throughout the curing process. This pressure pot can and will hold the air pressure (psi) for hours, even days at a time. If the air pressure in the pressure pot drops for any reason, the air pressure regulator will automatically allow air pressure into the pressure pot to hold the predetermined air pressure. This results in greater quality of the final product

Includes: One 6 quart dental pressure pot with lid, lid gasket an adjustable air pressure regulator with 1/4 inch male quick release connector and air gauge, an air pressure release valve, safety over pressure window on the side of the lid. A 10 foot coiled 12psi air hose with a 1/4 inch male quick release connector at one end, and a 1/4 inch female quick release connector (coupler) at the other end, the hose allows quick connections directly from your compressor on one end, and to the pressure pot on the other end, operating instructions, and shipping box. Inside dimensions: 8 1/2 inch wide by 6 1/2 inch high.