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Dental Wax Pot Dental Wax Machine Dental Lab Equipment Dental Digital Wax Pot (4-tank)

€52,95 EUR €0,00 EUR
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Dental Wax Machine Features

1.It can heat four type wax simultaneity and keep them in liquid status

2.There is temperature-fixed adjustment,can set the temperature needed+/-1℃;

3.Good at heat conduction and insulation

4.Easy to operate and use

5.Melting the wax quickly and keep them in liquid status

6.Equipped digital CPU circuit and set/keep temperature needed;

7.Easy to compare pre-set temperature and current temperature

8.LED display heating automatically , LED will shut off when arriving temperature set

9.Easily recognize the specially situation because of accurate temperature sensor


Dental Lab Equipment Specifications:

1.Power Supply/frequency: 110V -240V 60Hz +/-10%;


3.Electricity insulation classificationⅡ.

4.temp selection :50℃-120℃/122℉-248℉


Package includes:

1* Wax Heater Pot Dental Wax Pot