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Autoclave Sterilizer  Table Top Mini Small Pressure Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Sterilization Equipment
Autoclave Sterilizer  Table Top Mini Small Pressure Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Sterilization Equipment

Autoclave Sterilizer Table Top Mini Small Pressure Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Sterilization Equipment

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Autoclave Sterilizer  Table Top Mini Small Pressure Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Sterilization Equipment

Product Application

MST.B table top autoclave is suitable for items which are high temperature-resisting and high pressure-resisting including packaged, unpackaged, solid, A hollow, B hollow and device with pipe inside, and it is widely used in the field of oral department, ophthalmology, operation room,clinic and lab.


Program Sterilization Temperature Holding Time Total Time
Solid 134℃ 10 mins 10 mins
134℃ 10 mins 15 mins
121℃ 20 mins 15 mins
Wrapped 134℃ 4 mins 35-60 min
121℃ 20 mins 35-65 min
Textile 134℃ 8 mins 45-65 min
121℃ 30 mins 50-75 min
Prion 134℃ 18 min 50-75 min
Liquid(Optional) 134℃ 10 min 35-60 min
B&D Test 121℃ 30 min 35-65 min
Helix Test 134℃ 3.5 min 28-35 min
Vacuum Test /   20-25 min


Main Features

◇ It is fully automatic table top autoclave with pre set programs, with high-precision temperature and pressure controlling.

◇ It complies with European standard EN13060.

◇ In built independent rapid steam generator ensures quick sterilization cycles.

◇ Internal printer print detailed sterilization data automatically, equipped with USB port connecting usb stick, all data are automatically written in the usb stick.

◇ User friendly interface, choice of language settings including: English, Spanish, German, Polish, French, Magyar, Romanian, Dutch, Lithuanian, Latvian, Czech, Italian and Chinese.

◇ LCD screen displaying time, temperature and pressure, process alert and instrument conditions.

◇ Easily accessible water tank.

◇ Extra drying program optional.

◇ Liquid sterilization program optional.



◇ Double door protection system: prevent the cycle from starting, it can start only if the door is closed properly. The door can't be opened when pressure is inside the chamber or the power supply is not connected.

◇ Pressure safety valve: prevent over pressure in chamber and generator.

◇ Automatic cut-off protection: The power is automatically cut if a short circuit or electrical fault occurs.

◇ Automatic detect function: it is able to detect and identify the exact cause of any problem, and to issue a specific error code to the operator.

◇ Water level warning: water level switch of water tank controlling the min and max water level.

◇ Automatic warning for maintenance.



Model Number:MST.B

Type:Pressure Steam Sterilization Equipments

Instrument classification:Class II

Capacity:8L, 18L,23L,45L

Class:Class B

Vacuum pump:Built-in vacuum pump

Application:Oral, cosmetic surgery, clinic, lab

Sterilization item:Unwarpped or Wrapped instruments/Fabric/Dressing/Rubber/Liquid

Sterilization temperature:105℃~138℃

Design pressure:0.26MPa

Display:LCD display

Automatic:Fully automatic


Packing & Delivery

Model Chamber size (ø×L) Outer size Packing size Gross weight
MST.B(8L) 170×320 mm 530×414×365 mm 660×470×470 mm 40 kg
MST.B(18L) 247×350 mm 600×480×450 mm 780×575×520 mm 52 kg
MST.B(23L) 247×450 mm 700×480×450 mm 780×575×520 mm 57 kg
MST.B(45L) 319×617 mm 840×640×560 mm 895×695×605 mm 130 kg