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Dental Alginate Mixer /Die Alginate Mixer Speed Variable Stone Mixer

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HL-YMC IV. Dental Alginate Mixer, it is the forth generation alginate mixer, the first semi-automatic alginate mixer on the domestic market. This equipment is used for making false teeth, it replaces the handwork of mixing the Impression Material. It has characteristics of labor-saving, fast, well mix and less bubble. This new type with a high-end food control, you can adjust the speed by your foot. And it also with big LCD screen to show working time, speed, and vivid image. It’s more convenient, and humor to operate

Dental Lab Equipment Item Specification:
Power supply: AC 110V, 60Hz
Speed: 0-300rpm
Regular alarm: After mixing 20S it will have beep sound and alarm light will flash to warn user using the alginate immediately, or it dries
Stop working if overload: When the motor overloaded, the unit will stop working automatically after 3S, press Start key to working again

Basic model, mini-compact design
It has characteristics of labor-saving, fast, well mix and less bubble.
This unit is used to mix AlginateDie Stone for making dentures model.
According to your needs range from 0 to 300 rpm, speed controlled by the foot control, which allows you to further release your hands, enjoy the driving pleasure
Adopt the large LCD display, which can bring vivid image, let you be full of wit and humour in operation