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Endo Ultra Activator Wireless Cordless Dental Endo Irrigator USB Dental Endo Equipment For Root Canal Treatment

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Description of dental Endo Ultra Activator
1.Frequency: 40-50Khz
2.Cordless ultrasonic operation
3.Powerful battery:1500mAh, 4.5 hours continuous operation
4.300 rotatable contra-angle, easier to operate
Contra angle design for increased accessibility
5.Improves cleanliness
6.Reduces bacteria levels
7.Improves penetration of irrigants
8.Removes vapor lock
9.Efficient—better cleansing in less time


Endo Equipment Feature

Eliminates biofilm and smear layer

facilitates upward debris removal 

Favors penetration of irrigants into the non-instrumentsed zones

Improves the sealing of the obturation 

reduces the microbial load

Imporoved activation