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Single Pen Fine Sand Blasting Machine Dental Sandblaster Mini Sandblaster Cabinet Dry Sandblaster

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Product Overview

Double-Pen Fine Sand Blasting Machine Dental Sandblasters
This machine is an indispensable equipment for dental prosthetics and is mainly used for the removal of various tiny surface oxides. At the same time, it is also possible to cast glass beads on the surface of the plastic base.
Dental Lab Equipment FEATURES AT A GLANCE
1.Clear up the molds, forging, and casting parts, welding parts, heat treatment parts, stamping parts and machined parts.
2.Rough surface, descaling, residual salt and burr, pretreatment process before spraying, plating. Removal of carbide, finishing treatment.
3.A spray glass pill, plastic sand, and reinforced surface parts.
4.It has a large window, and the pen can be used to polish materials of different hardness.