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Dental Titanium Blocks Milling Disc Block Compatible with Zirkonzahn System Grade 2/Grade5

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This Dental CAD/CAM Blocks Dental Titanium Blocks not only make us say goodbye to tradational heaping-wax,embedding,casting and polishing and so on but also make the PFM progress easily.Moreover,reduce the possibility of distortion then can improve the productive efficiency.The Dental titanium block with the high-strength/highprecision/superior abrasion resistnace and biocompatibility features

The Titanium blocks details are as following:
1.Diameter:98/95mm(Zirkonzahn system)


it is more bio-safe, better casting property and excellent polishing property.
Dental Titanium Blocks Technicial:
Titanium composition             Grade 2
Composition                             Specifications
Titan >99%                               Density: 4.51g/cm3
Fe 0.30%                                   Vickers Hardness : 145MPa
C 0.01%                                     E-module: 105kN/mm2
N 0.04%                                    Yield Strength: 275MPa
O 0.35%                                    Tensile Strength: 345MPa
H 0.01%                                     Elongation at break: 20%
CTE: 9.6*10-6/m Celsius
Titanium composition                Grade 5
Composition                                Specifications
Titan 90%                                      Density: 4.43g/cm3
Fe 0.13%                                      Vickers Hardness : 353MPa
Al 6.0%                                         E-module: 114kN/mm2
V 4.1%                                          Yield Strength: 836MPa
O 0.1%                                          Tensile Strength: 897MPa
H 0.001%                                     Elongation at break: 12%
N 0.01%                                       CTE: 10.3μm /K 25-500° C


Diameter Thickness
98/95 10mm
98/95 12mm
98/95 14mm
98/95 16mm
98/95 18mm
98/95 20mm
98/95 22mm
98/95 25mm