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[Copy]Autoclave Sterilize  18L Medical Equipment Autoclave Sterilization Equipment
[Copy]Autoclave Sterilize  18L Medical Equipment Autoclave Sterilization Equipment

[Copy]Autoclave Sterilize 18L Medical Equipment Autoclave Sterilization Equipment

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Autoclave Sterilizer   18L Medical Equipment Autoclave  Sterilization Equipment


1. European Class B and S, in accordance with EN 13060: 2004 standard, with three times pre-vacuum and one times pre-vacuum, pulse drying function. Vacuum index up to -0.85bar, the device residual humidity <0.2%.Being able to sterilize instruments that are packed,unpacked,solid,Hollow A,Hollow B and Hollow B pipeline.High efficiency,allwave sterilizing.
2. Super bright blue light LED(JY-A), Super bright yollow-green light LED(JY).PC Automatic control.
3. With tests of “BOWIE & DICK”、 “HELIX”、 “VACUUM”.
4. User-defined Function. Adjust sterilization temperature,vacuum times,sterilization time,drying time.
5. New rapid steam generator of stainless steel pipe, completely solve the Silica gel pipeline and seal because it is aging. Set “WASH” program, cleaning pipeline to avoid clogging. (JY-A)
6. By USB connector download sterilization records to U disk.
7. Save electricity Function:Delay-Start、Sleep-Mode、turn off after sterilization、Power recovery restart.(JY-A)
8. Water and steam separation device. In order to improve the life of the vacuum pump, improve the pulse vacuum value, so that the device is more reliable sterilization, enhance the dryness of the device.
9. Upward-Open water tank.
10. ULKA brand mini water pump. SU 304 stripe stainless steel.Double door lock control structure.
11. Use the newest machinery and electronic double-control lock ,to ensure the safety during the operation.
12. The temperature sensor can adjust automatically or manually at will to ensure the autoclave work in different atmospheric environments.
13. Multilanguage are optional, Easy to operate. Users can easily find the language according to their requests.
14. The accuracy of temperature is 1℃,and the accuracy of pressure is 0.1bar.
Upgrade Function:
1. Bluetooth label thermal printer:after the autoclave is connected to the printer by Bluetooth signal,order of autoclave send to printer.After the label is printed,it is posted at package. The contents of the label is date,time,S.N,program cycle. Convenience the process is traced.(JY-A)
2. Mobile APP:monitor the various operating conditions of the autoclave. You can operate the sterilizer by phone. After sterilization is over, send a message to your phone.etc.(JY-A)
3. Water Monitoring Device:when you supply the unqualified distilled water, the autoclave runs will is stopped.(JY-A)
***If you need to upgrade the version, please contact our customer service in advance to calculate the price.****
Sterilizing temperature: 121℃, 134℃
Special function: kill the AIDS(HIV), hepatitis B(HBV)mad cow virus and Bacillus
Dry procedure: vacuum drying
Display: digital LED display with high definition
Sterilization program: 4 kinds of programs
Test program: Vacuum test, Helix test
Sterilizing data: print by optional external mini-printer
Safety features: Safe Valve; Double-control lock system and self-test alam system
Water supply system: two water tanks inside, capacity of reservoirs (3.5L fresh water and 5L waste water)
Power: AC 110V or 220V±10%
Frequency: 50/ 60Hz
Socket: International three-pin/ European two-pin
Sterilization Class: European class B
Rated power: 1600W
Instrument containers: 5-layer activity pallet rack with 3 trays
Capacity: 18L
Chamber size: Φ230X360mm
N.W./G.W.: 43/48KGS
Packing size: 640X500X470mm