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Autoclave Sterilize Mini Dental Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Class N 7L Sterilization Equipment
Autoclave Sterilize Mini Dental Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Class N 7L Sterilization Equipment

Autoclave Sterilize Mini Dental Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Class N 7L Sterilization Equipment

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Autoclave Sterilizer   Mini Dental Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Class N 10L  Sterilization Equipment


1. The newly-designed model with opening water tank on the top, strictly meets the standard of EN13060, which makes wash and cleaning much more convenient.
2. Adopting European N standard, with thermal vacuum and drying functions, it can be used for A-type hollow instruments and solid instruments. Thermodynamic vacuum guarantees elimination of cold air from the cavity and makes sure that reachs the optimal effect of sterilization.
3. Small capability design more complys with clinic application, saving spce and operation easily.
4. Fuzzy computer control, LCD display and modularized panel for easy operation.
5. High density air filter, eliminating impurity in air, ensuring the returned air dry and pure
6. Efficient double-head vacuum pump, low noise, vacuum ability could get -0.92Bar, double head ensure the balance during working and stable vacuum state in the chamber
7. Electronic data output, the sterilization information can be saved into memory disk as a txt file, in connection with computer to analysis, realizing digital sterilization.
8. Original fuzzy control system driven by steam generator adoptsPWM(pulse with modulation), able to discriminate the fine differences in temperature allowances and to adjust the modulated waves correspondingly thus making temperature rise at the same speed each time.
9. Stable ULKA water pump made in Italy.
Model: 7L
Voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 1400W
Chamber size: φ170×320mm
Outside size: 540X370X360mm
Packing size: 615X440X425mm
Net weight:35kg
Gross weight:45kg
Sterilization Class: European class N
Sterilization temperature: 121℃, 134℃
Special program: HIV, HBV long-sterilization program
Dry system: Vacuum drying system
Display: High-light LCD display
Sterilization data: Can connect mini printer to output sterilization data
Tray Holder: 5 layers tray holder with 3 trays
medical stainless steel 304
max working pressure: 2.3bar
min working pressure: -0.9bar
max temperature: 145℃
Control precision: temperature: 0.1℃, pressure: 0.01bar
Operation temperature: 5 - 40℃
Noise: <50db

ture and pressure and ensure the tolerance temperature inside chamber is less than 0.5℃.

15. The accuracy of temperature is 0.1℃,and the accuracy of pressure is 0.1bar.
Upgrade Function:
◎Bluetooth label thermal printer:after the autoclave is connected to the printer by Bluetooth signal,order of autoclave send to printer.After the label is printed,it is posted at package. The contents of the label is date,time,S.N,program cycle. Convenience the process is traced.
◎Mobile APP:monitor the various operating conditions of the autoclave. You can operate the sterilizer by phone. After sterilization is over, send a message to your phone.etc.
◎Water Monitoring Device:when you supply the unqualified distilled water, the autoclave runs will is stopped.
***If you need to upgrade the version, please contact our customer service in advance to calculate the price.****
Sterilizing temperature: 121℃, 134℃
Special function: kill the AIDS(HIV), hepatitis B(HBV)mad cow virus and Bacillus
Dry procedure: vacuum drying
Display: 240X160 Dots LCD, multi languages
System record: 50 times
Sterilization program: 8 kinds of programs
Test program: Bowie&Dick test, Vacuum test, Helix test
Sterilizing data: print by optional external mini-printer or download by USB port
Safety features: Safe Valve; Double-control lock system and self-test alam system
Water supply system: two water tanks inside, capacity of reservoirs (3.5L fresh water and 5L waste water)
Power: AC 110V or 220V±10%
Frequency: 50/ 60Hz
Sterilization Class: European class B
Rated power: 1800W
Instrument containers: 5-layer activity pallet rack with 3 trays
Capacity: 18L
Chamber size: 250X355mm
N.W./G.W.: 63/58KGS
Packing size: 660X550X560mm
1. Please read the manual carefully before operation.
2. Put sterilizers on horizontal worktable and raise the front two supporting stands slightly.
3. Be sure to use distilled water in order to prolong the life of sterilizers.
4. Clean the water tanks and water filter regularly.
5. Do not move the sterilizer during the process of work.
6. All the medical equipment, blankets, clothing etc. which contact pathogenic microorganisms must be sterilized by chemical disinfectant first.
7. The package or container for disinfection items must be appropriate, and is recommended to use double wrapped white cotton with good steam penetration.
8. Try to put the same kind of instrument in the same sterilizer flatly,leave aperture, make sure steam can penetrate easily.
9. Make sure the machine in good condition, especially the safe valve.
10. Do not open the door until the pressure fall down to “0” bar.