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Dental Lab Equipment Dental Lab Light Curing Unit Digital Wireless Good Quality Dental Equipment Dental Led Curing Light Oral High Power

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Convenient for operation Dental Lab Equipment . Small size, cordless and light weighted Dental Lab Light Curing Unit .

Battery rechargeable Li-on battery, 2000mAh,DC4.2V 
Input Voltage 110-240V, AC, 50-60Hz 
Wavelength 420-480nm 
Spectrum Range 420-480nm 
Color White
Light power 1400mW/cm2 


- Imported high power LED, 5W, 
- Blue-ray output, wave length: 430-485nm. 
- Gradually bright, shiny, bright-wide. Adjustable power, the work of three models to choose. 
- Three gear output timing: 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s 
- Blue-ray illumination: 5W≥1200Mw/CM2 
- The effect of curing time: 10s; 2-3mm 
- Any brand can be cured resin material 
Three power options: A type:Li-ion battery power: B type:AC110-240V power suply, C type:AC24V power.
Packing List:
- LED curing light main unit: 1 each 
- Optical fiber (Curing light guide): 1 each 
- Light hood: 1 each 
- Charger pedestal: 1 each 
- Power adapter: 1 each 
- English manual: 1 each