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Dental Turbine Handpiece Single Column Water Spray Colorful Dental Handpiece

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Dental Turbine Handpiece

1.Precision welding head:No air leakage and no water leakage
2.Single point water spray:Single-point water spray to effectively cool the heat of bur and tooth grindingThree-point anti-suction, prevent the backflow of blood and impurities, andprevent cross-infection
3.Model is complete:5 colors are available
4.High temperature and high pressure disinfection:Resistant to 135° high temperature and high pressure sterilization,and will not cause external deformation of the mobile phone due to high temperature and high pressure sterilization

 Dental Handpiece 

Chuck type: push button  
Working pressure:0.22-0.30Mpa(0.25Mpa preferred)
Rotation speed:≥350,000 for standard head;
≥280,000R.P.M for torque head
Bur applicable:Φ1.595-Φ1.600mm
Spray: Single water spray
Atomization pressure: 0.3Mpa
Supply voltage: 3.2-3.5V  
LED luminous intensity: ≥1500LUX
Grip power: 25-45N
Light temperature: 3500-4000K