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Bunsen Burner

1 product
1 product

A Bunsen burner is a common laboratory tool used for heating, sterilizing, and combustion of various substances. The burner consists of a gas inlet, a barrel-shaped tube, an air inlet, and a base. The gas and air are mixed in the barrel-shaped tube, and then ignited to produce a flame. The Bunsen burner can be adjusted to produce a variety of flames, from a small blue flame for heating small samples to a large yellow flame for sterilizing instruments. Bunsen burners are widely used in chemistry, biology, and physics labs, and are an essential tool for conducting experiments and research. Trust our high-quality Bunsen burners to provide you with the precise and reliable heating you need for your laboratory work. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of Bunsen burners and how they can benefit your laboratory.